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Start Free And Stay Free Forever! Or, Ask Me How To Maximize Your Earnings.

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Earn a monthly residual income.


Churches & Schools

Benefit too, while helping your members.

Cell Phone


Veterans Earn Free.

Here's How It Works

Let's dive in, big app companies are earning billions of dollars a year from you and others by your use of the smartphone. $215,000,000,000 in 20221 alone. Smartphones were designed to create and understand anonymous longitude and latitude pings. Our phones do this efficiently with the majority of apps already installed on our devices. 

Just imagine, an opportunity where you can earn a massive income for your organization while helping people world-wide earn free for something they're already doing. Using smartphones. This tested and proven model has been earning big money for big tech for over a decade. What we do is teach you how to use Tapestri to bring some of that money into your organization.

My team has created an ingenious, but simple blueprint to show you how to turn these pings into cash for your nonprofit, group, club or organization.


The Cost

The entire annual cost to your organization is only $20. My team works for you for free, so we can assist only a limited number of organizations.

Be one of the few we can assist, lock in your spot right away.

A nonprofit can run this campaign at no charge as a one-time fundraiser. But, the best money is to spend $20 which covers residual income for an entire year of fundraising.



Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters and Rescues Earn Fast.


Feeding the Homeless

Helping The Homeless, You earn, They Earn.

Cell Phone


We Can Help Organizations Around the World.


 Contact us for our "free nonprofit blueprint!" Email [email protected] with "blueprint" in the subject line.

I promise we will work with your organization, suggesting strategies we've developed to help you earn the most income possible. That being said, we make no guarantees. You must get engaged and do the work.

- Renie Rutten, Global Affiliate

Renie Rutten



[email protected]

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